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Theatre Arts Program

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Theatre Arts Program

We Nurture. We Engage. We Transform.

The arts are essential to our lives!  Theatre art is an avenue to intellectual, social, personal, professional development, and enrichment. The theatre concentration in the Urban Arts major prepares students for careers in theatre and related disciplines through character, leadership, and service for building relationships and community. The program supports the following fundamental beliefs and values:

Excellence, the highest artistic quality

Integrity, the highest standards of honesty and fairness in the pursuit of equitable, ethical, and professional practice. 

Lifelong Learning the best continuous training for artistry, knowledge, and skills

Service is our noble and worthy responsibility to our community

Diversity of opinion, freedom of expression and each person’s individuality. 

Creativity in all endeavors. 

Commitment to the arts and to the mission of the University its role in supporting the highest quality of life 

Intellectual Freedom for the ethical and scholarly inquiry in an environment that fully respects the rights of all in their pursuit of knowledge

Stewardship of Resources dedicated to the efficient and effective use as we accept the responsibility of public trust and accountability for our actions 

The Theatre concentration focuses on the student as the center of the educational enterprise. We place a high premium on nurturing, engaging, and transforming the individual so that creativity is expressed with honor and value. Learn about theater-related jobs.

Our academic program is ably supported by Coppin Repertory Theatre, the producing arm and Coppin Players, a student run organization where our students collaborate, invest, and own the work they do.

Theatre Concentration

Learn more about the course requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Urban Arts: Theatre Concentration.

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