Online forms: Behavioral Assessment Team Referral Form

Behavioral Assessment Team Referral Form

This form is for NON-EMERGENCY reporting. If there is a perceived imminent danger, always contact Campus Police at 410-951-3900.

Use the text box below to provide a description of the incident using facts, observations, witnesses, including a description of the behavior and action taken, if any.

Please be sure to include the following information:

  1. Date/time and a complete description of the incident.
  2. Location where the incident occurred.
  3. Names of involved individuals, any identifying information and their role in the incident.
  4. Any other information that you feel is pertinent.

We thank the college community for providing important information to assist our students. All BAT referrals and files will be kept confidential; however, a member of the team may contact you for additional information or clarification.

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