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Keri Hickey ’12

Keri Hickey, ’12, studied and worked on both sides of Coppin’s campus. She has been an executive administrative assistant, special assistant, acting business manager and program administrative specialist. Keri worked for the assistant provost and the dean of the College of Health Professions. “It all started,” said Keri, “when I was a temp for Dr. Joan Tilghman, chairperson for Coppin’s first doctoral program. If it wasn’t for those three months in the summer of 2008, I wouldn’t be telling this story.” And what a narrative it is.

Keri had no idea what she wanted to do with her life when she graduated from high school and little did she think while fulfilling her tasks at Coppin she would end up as an attorney. She graduated from high school at 16 and went to community college but dropped out after her oldest sister was killed in a car crash. “I was depressed and had lost all hope.” But once she started working at Coppin, she realized she could get her degree. “I graduated at the age of 36, five days before my 37th birthday [with a degree in sociology political science].”

Keri then applied to the University of Baltimore (UB) School of Law. But the way she tells her story, Keri did not have a predilection for law. It chose her. Elizabeth Rivera, Office of the Attorney General, planted the seed. “Once that happened, it seemed like the planets aligned and the only path I could see led to law school.” Keri took advantage of the Fannie Angelos program for academic excellence at UB. The program offers LSAT prep for Maryland’s four HBCUs. The rest is history.

Keri is still walking the halls of UB. She is the Director of Student Support for the School of Law. She provides academic advising, accommodations for students with disabilities covered by the ADA and life coaching. “I make sure our students have the academic, emotional, psychological and other support to successfully navigate the challenges of law school. I help our students find the silver lining, especially when all they can see are storm clouds.”

Keri Hickey“Keri is one of the most compassionate and student-focused professionals I know,” said Paul Manrique, Asst. Dean of Students, UB School of Law and Keri’s manager. “She works tirelessly to support our students and has a unique ability to connect with individuals. Keri uses her own experience as an evening student at UB Law to counsel students on academic and personal matters to ensure they can thrive while they navigate the challenges of law school.”

Along with working at UB, Keri is the principal of her own law firm, K & A Law Group, P.C.  She handles family law matters, and with the assistance of her partners, wills, trusts, and estates. “I have two partners along with a network of other Fannie scholars, who I consult regularly.” 

Keri concluded by encouraging current students, “Coppin is fertile ground. Your professors, their admins, your dean and Coppin staff are the gardeners. If they are hard on you it's just the gardener aerating the soil to get a good crop. It might not feel good, but I promise Coppin will help you grow into a strong beautiful flower.”


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