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TK20 Assessment System

Welcome to School of Education's Tk20 Webpage. In the Spring 2013 semester, the School of Education partnered with Tk20, Inc., for the purposes of enhancing student experiences, program productivity, as well as, managing assessments of our all education programs. This Webpage is designed to provide students and faculty with additional support in using the Tk20 tool.

Tk20 is a web-based subscription system that allows students to submit all their assignments and access their course materials online. Student completing courses offered by the School of Education create, share, organize and input/output documents and projects on Tk20 using web-based tools. Aligned with the State of Maryland standards for teachers and school administrators as well as other accreditation standards templates are developed by the School of Education instructors and are posted on Tk20 to become part of students’ electronic portfolios. Because of the live nature of the system students instantly receive feedback from their instructors.

In navigating this site, students and faculty will find supplementary resources on creating, sharing, and reviewing documents; creating a Tk20 account; submitting an e-Portfolio project, etc. This site also gives current information about student orientations, as well as news and updates on Tk20. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the School of Education.

Letter from the Dean

School of Education Tk20 Contact Information

  • For general questions on Tk20 contact:

    Ms. Victoria Johnson (

  • Questions related to Field Experiences/Student Teaching and Tk20:
    Dr. Merah Burke (

  • Questions related to the use of Tk20 in your specific course:
    Contact the course instructor via contact information given in your course syllabus.

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