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A Rich Legacy

A Rich Legacy

A Rich LegacyThe Coppin State University School of Education has a long history of preparing teachers and other professionals for Maryland and the Nation. Indeed, our institution was founded in 1900 as a teacher-training program to serve the educational needs of Baltimore City and surrounding counties. Today, it continues to be a major contributor to the advancement of its surrounding community, the state of Maryland, and the Nation.

Our Mission

The mission of the Coppin State University School of Education is:

To offer innovative programs grounded in the CSU undergraduate and graduate conceptual frameworks. This is outlined in major theoretical and practical educational constructs designed to serve the needs of the urban population of Baltimore City, the surrounding metropolitan areas, the state, and the nation:

  • To contribute to global efforts in the advancement of education and excellence in teaching and research.
  • To promote high academic standards through an intrinsic commitment to our students and professional candidates.
  • To meet the growing need for access to higher education through a development of competitive new modalities of teaching and learning for all populations of students including those with disabilities and other challenges. These modalities include the utilization of online and hybrid technologies. To prepare undergraduate and graduate students to serve diverse populations through inclusion in a variety of roles in their chosen fields.
  • To promote scholarship and scholarship resources for faculty, students, and clients for the purposes of professional and academic growth.

Our Vision

As an integral part of an urban institution, Coppin State University's School of Education is historically committed to excellence in teaching, research, professional development, and service to the community. This commitment is the cornerstone of program offerings in the academic unit.

The School of Education envisions an increase in the number of academically talented students who, as reflective facilitators of learning, forge new approaches and concepts that meet the challenges and needs of learners in contemporary society. Through collaborations with its sister institutions, the School endeavors to promote and provide support to primary and secondary schools, local public school systems, national and global professional educators, sports organizations, dance programs, and health-related efforts.

Additionally, The School of Education continues to align its focus with national professional standards set by various accrediting bodies. In doing so, the School of Education envisions maintaining its status as one of the nation’s leading institutions in teacher education and other affiliated fields including adult education, health, sports management, recreation, and dance.