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Prospective Recruits

Prospective Recruits

What is Army ROTC?

Army ROTC (Reserve Officers' Training Corps) is a program which can enhance your education by providing unique leadership training and management experience. The ROTC experience is a character builder that strengthens self-discipline, courage, integrity and physical stamina. It helps you develop the qualities necessary for success in either a military or civilian career. The skills you develop for successful command are the same skills you'll need for success in the corporate world. Students are given a valuable opportunity to build for the future by earning a college degree and an Army Officer's commission at the same time. ROTC programs produce more than 70 percent of the newly commissioned lieutenants entering the active Army each year. Many students delay active duty until completion of law, medical or graduate programs. Those students who do want to serve on active duty may be guaranteed Reserve or National Guard duty.

For more information, please contact MR Michael Bell at (443) 885-4160 or request information online.

Army ROTC Training Opportunities

There are many training opportunities available to ROTC Cadets with the US Army. These training opportunities are offered during the summer break at various active and reserve Army installations.

Airborne Training

Qualified Cadets have a number of opportunities to attend airborne training. Airborne training is three weeks in duration and is taught at Ft Benning, Georgia. Cadets will learn how to parachute during both the day and night. You will be given the opportunity to complete five parachute jumps from different aircraft. Upon completion you receive the "Silver Wings" of the Parachutist Badge.

Air Assault Training

Air Assault training is also available to qualified Cadets. The training is two weeks long and is taught at either Fort Campbell, Kentucky, Fort Shafter, Hawaii, Fort Rucker, Alabama or Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Students will learn basic and advanced rappelling techniques from towers and helicopters. Upon completion you receive the Air Assault badge.

Mountain Warfare Training

Mountain Warfare school is a very exciting course that is available to qualified Cadets. The training is three weeks long and is conducted at the Ethan Allen Firing Range, Vermont. Basic military mountaineering, lead and party climbing and rescue techniques are taught. This is an exciting and challenging course that is always in demand.

Northern Warfare Training

Northern Warfare Training is done at Ft. Greely Alaska, just outside Delta Junction. Students have the opportunity to experience the beauty and majesty of Alaska while learning challenging and exciting skills. The Northern Warfare Training school teaches fighting techniques unique to the arctic environment including glacier training, water operations and airmobile operations.

Cadet Troop Leader Training (CTLT) Program

The Cadet Troop Leader Training Program allows selected advanced course Cadets to see what it is like to serve as a lieutenant in a junior leadership position on Active duty. These Cadets serve as Platoon Leaders and will be in charge, experiencing all the challenges our 2LTs face every day. The training lasts for three weeks following the completion of Advanced Camp. CTLT can be completed at almost all Army bases both within the Continental United States and overseas. This very rewarding training is highly sought after and attendance is reserved for only the best.

Nurse Summer Training Program (NSTP)

NSTP has two phases, a field phase and a clinical phase. The field phase will be at Ft Lewis Washington. The clinical phase can be at various locations such as, Washington, Texas, Hawaii, Oklahoma, and Washington DC just to name a few. During the field phase a nurse Cadet gets the opportunity to show his or her expertise in areas such as land navigation, communications, tactics, physical fitness and weapons qualification.

During the clinical phase, which can be before or after the field phase, the Cadet reports to an Army hospital where your emphasis will be on "hands on" experiences supervised by an Army Nurse Corps officer.