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ROTC Benefits


The Coppin State University ROTC program offers 2, 2.5, 3 and 4 year scholarship awards.

Necessary Qualifications: minimum 2.5 Cumulative GPA; 920 SAT or 19 ACT; US Citizen; must pass the Army Physical Fitness Test. Scholarships are open to High School (awarded by Cadet Command to HS Seniors), Undergraduate, Transfer, and Graduate Students.

The scholarships when awarded cover full tuition and fees for the duration.*

Book payments are made to all Scholarship Cadets in the amount of $600 per semester.

Free room and board in the form of a University Grant is awarded to four Contracted Cadets that has a minimum 2.7 cumulative and semester GPA.

Monthly stipends for any Contracted/Scholarship Cadet:  Freshman ($300 for 8 months), Sophomore ($350 for 8 months), Junior ($450 for 10 months), and Senior ($500 for 10 months)

Additional supplemental scholarships are available: ROTC Alumni Scholarships-$5000 annually; ROCKS Scholarship - $2000.  For academic scholars: Rhodes scholarship and Fulbright Scholarships.

Possible Total Benefits for a Scholarship Cadet **

#Yrs In State Out of State
4 year $48,272 $74,904
3 year $36,204 $56,178
2 year $24,136 $37,452

Benefits Breakdown - In State / Out of State **

Tuition & Fees 6220 / 11154 6220 / 11154 6220 / 11154 6220 / 11154
Books 1200 / 1200 1200 / 1200 1200 / 1200 1200 / 1200
Monthly Stipend 2400 / 2400 2800 / 2800 4500 / 4500 5000 / 5000
#Housing Grant 2248 / 3972 2248 / 3972 2248 / 3972 2248 / 3972
Total 12068 / 18726 12068 / 18726 12068 / 18726 12068 / 18726

* The Cadet must maintain a minimum 2.0 semester GPA. Benefits are suspended if the Cadet falls below this minimum and reinstated when the GPA exceeds the minimum. The Cadet is only allowed one semester of suspension and faces disenrollment if he or she has another.

** Current projections are based on 2014 rates.  Tuition & Fees and the Housing Grant benefits are subject to increase on a yearly basis.

# Current Housing Grant at Coppin has been suspended and will be reviewed annually

Additional ROTC Benefits

The Starting Salary for a Newly Commissioned 2LT in the US Army is $55,000-$62,000 (Base Pay, Variable Housing based on location and Subsistence) You can also receive special benefits and pays for Jump Status; Locational and special duty pays as determined by your Branch, Unit and Locality.

Full Medical and Dental for the Officer; and for your Family at a minimal cost.  Additional benefits that can be purchased at no or low cost to the Officer; Thrift Savings Plan (401k-like); Life Insurance up to 400K; Tuition Assistance to pay for Masters Degree

Additional paid benefits in the form of Cadet Summer Training range from $1200 - $1800 for 30 days.   (CIET - Cadet Initial Entry Training;  CLC – Cadet Leader Course;  CTLT – Cadet Troop Leader Training; CULP – Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency (If the Cadet is accepted for CULP they can travel to 1 of 30 countries selected throughout the world to immerse themselves in foreign culture and learn a new language)

Additional training opportunities (2 to 3 week courses):  Airborne School; Air Assault School; Northern Warfare Course; Jungle Warfare Course.

Military Science Classes

MS Class Course # Course Title Credits Class
MSI MISC 103 Introduction to Military Science 2 Freshman
MSI MISC 104 Basic Military Skills 2 Freshman
MSII MISC 200 Leadership Development 3 Sophomore
MSII MISC 204 Leadership Development II 3 Sophomore
MSIII MISC 301 Intro to Team & Small Unit Ops 3 Junior
MSIII MISC 302 Intro to Military Training Mgt 3 Junior
MSIV MISC 401 Military Science IV 3 Senior
MSIV MISC 402 Military Science IV 3 Senior
For Cadets that will be MSV's the following classes apply:
MSV MISC 498 Adaptive Leadership 3 Senior +
MSV MISC 499 Leadership in a Complex World 3 Senior +

All Cadets are required to take the following class no matter what your major is:
(optional when you take it - only available as a Fall semester course)

Course # Course Title Credits
HIST 327 American Military History 3

***For more information on Coppin State University Bear Battalion ROTC benefits and programs please contact the Battalion Recruiting Officer located in Turners Armory at 443-885-3264***