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Living on Campus

Living on Campus

Top 10 Benefits Of Living On Campus At Coppin State University:

1. Convenience Living on Campus

You are just a quick walk away from your classes, the library, your friend’s rooms, the dining hall and everything else on campus. Academic buildings, the minimart, athletic events and just about everything else you will want or need are within a short walking distance from your residence hall.

2. Academic Opportunities

National research indicates that residence hall students make better grades and are less likely to drop out of school than students who live off-campus. Students living on-campus tend to stay more active and involved.

3. Unmatched Services

  • Basic Cable Connectivity at no additional cost
  • High Speed Internet Service (WIFI) at no additional cost
  • Laundry Service (24-hour laundry room available on your time)
  • $1 per load to wash, $1 per load to dry.

4. Activities

Educational, social, academic, developmental and recreational programs all take place where you live. In addition, students who live in the residence hall are more likely to get involved with campus organizations and activities.

5. Leadership

The residence halls offer students a chance to develop their leadership potential. Hall government, organizations and residence hall related employment encourage students to become involved in making decisions and planning activities for the halls.

6. Facilities

Computer labs, laundry room, vending room, fitness center, mailboxes, micro-fridges, snack bar and cafeteria are all located in or within close proximity to the residence halls.

7. Affordability

Residence hall living at the University is designed to meet your needs. Currently, all charges include utilities paid and all associated services. On-campus living is set up to make your life as a student extremely convenient and affordable.

8. Tradition

One of the best things about Coppin State University is the sense of tradition that exists here. Living in a residence hall has become a part of that tradition. Students who do not live on campus at least one year miss out on a very valuable and fun part on the "college experience".

9. Friends

Living on campus is a great way to meet new and interesting people. Many students form lifelong friendships with the people they meet in the residence halls. Studies have shown that residential students are more satisfied with the collegiate experience than their off-campus peers.

10. Staffing

The residence halls are staffed with Resident Assistants (RA's) and Resident Hall Directors (RD's) who are live-in personnel available to help residents become acquainted with campus activities and resources. These staff members will counsel and refer students, ensure that maintenance issues are addressed, and help develop a sense of community in the residence halls.