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Mission and Vision

Mission & Vision


The Academic Affairs Division includes faculty, staff, and administrators whose primary responsibility is to ensure that students receive an excellent education. The Division:

  • Fosters an effective and engaging educational environment that promotes outstanding teaching, improved student learning, on-going assessment of student learning outcomes, research, scholarship, service, and other creative endeavors.
  • Provides leadership for its members to grow and to discover potential talents through change shaped by knowledge embedded in historical perspectives.
  • Offers premier academic programs reflective of community needs and workforce trends.
  • Is accountable for teaching and learning consistent with Coppin State University’s mission, goals, and values.
  • Supports student lifelong learning, critical thinking, and engaged citizenship.


The Academic Affairs Division is striving to become a vibrant scholarly community that values:

  • Academic quality and academic freedom
  • Principles of justice and integrity
  • Faculty participation in shared governance
  • Advancement of faculty interests as professionals
  • Educational approaches that enhance learning and serve as models in the education of diverse populations
  • Commitment to teaching and research that promotes faculty and student success
  • Collaboration among disciplines, programs, and external constituencies
  • Recruitment of highly qualified faculty and staff
  • A learning environment that promotes student persistence to graduation