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Procurement Card

Procurement Card

The Corporate Purchasing Card Program was implemented by the State of Maryland in 1997. The Corporate Purchasing Card is similar to a consumer credit card except there are no fees or interest costs to the state. The State Comptroller's General Accounting Division (GAD) administers the statewide program. GAD requires each state agency to assign a Purchasing Card Program Administrator (PCPA). The PCPA is responsible for card issuance and control for their agency. The PCPA is also responsible for training all cardholders prior to issuing the P-Card. The training is a state requirement for all cardholders.

The main benefits for using a P-Card are:

  • Eliminates the use of requisitions, purchase orders, invoice processing and check issuance;
  • Small procurements can be made within hours instead of days.

Vendors benefit since the card-issuing bank pays them normally within two days of the purchase instead of the 25-30 day process required to invoice the agency and receive payment from the state.

The primary responsibilities of the Cardholders are:

  • To procure goods and services at the best price for the University;
  • maintain records and supporting documents for all purchases;
  • reconcile purchases to monthly card statements.

For additional information, please contact Mr. Thomas Dawson, Purchasing Card Program Administrator at 410-951-3792.