Lost and Found

PECFor Emergencies Dial: (410) 951-3900

All items lost on University property are processed through the Lost and Found located in Physical Education Complex RM 272. Campus Police will log all items turned in with the date it was found, description of property, and building or location where found. All items are held for 6 months. After 6 months, the items will be discarded.

Found property will be accepted at the University Police Department 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

You may call or come to Physical Education Complex RM 272 to check to see if your lost item was turned in. If your item wasn't turned into this department, please provide your name, a description of the item, a description of where you think you might have lost it, and your contact information (phone number and /or e-mail address). We will add your item to the "Lost" list, and someone will contact you if it is turned in.

Lost and Found items can be claimed between the hours of 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. Monday though Friday. Missing property should be reported as soon as the discovery is made either By utilizing the Lost Property/Found Form or by coming into the University Police Department located at Physical Education Complex RM 272. Everyone is encouraged to bring any found items to Public Safety, so that we can increase the chances that people will be reconnected with their missing belongings.

For further information or assistance, please contact the University Police Communications Center at Ext. 3900 from on campus, or (410) 951-3900 from off campus. If you have found an item, please bring it to Physical Education Complex RM 272.

Property Held As Lost & Found

 If you believe we have your property, please contact us with the NAME, DATE and TAG NUMBER.

Date Description
03/13/2017   Blue Rainbow bag w/ clothes and under garments inside.  Tag # 0499
03/03/2017 Black leather trifold wallet w/ MD. Provisional DL Devin Turner
08/19/2017 Money was found on Daley Hall parking lot. Tag # 0250
09/01/2017 Brown eye glasses case found. Paul Oso's credit cards and drivers Lic.
09/21/2017 White Samsung Galaxy Note 3 w/ black case cover. Lost in HHSB
10/13/2017 Bank of America Debit Card "Tanara Chance" Found in HHSB
10/14/2017 White Coppin State Univ. Nursing Lab coat size Large
10/14/2017 White Coppin State Univ. Nursing Lab coat size Medium
10/14/2017 Red key chain w/ silver key/ Planet Fitness membership tag/CSU ID holder
10/21/2017 Two (2) Best work keys on a black string found inside the HHSB  tag# 0254
10/23/2017 1-camouflage key chain w/ 2 silver keys (1) w/ a green cap found on ball field
10/25/2017 I-Phone w/ black outter box with a cracked screen Found on 5th fl. GHJ lobby
11/09/2017 White I-Phone w/ tannish orange casing Found in HHSB  tag#0249
12/20/2017 Black Computer bag with misc. items inside. Found in Tawes Bldg
01/02/2018 Black Verizon flip phone
01/10/2018 Coppin Student ID ending in 8369 - Found outside of campus
01/20/2018 silver "tachymeter" watch found in the PEC Main Arena
01/20/2018 M&T Bank Card Visa Debit found in the PEC Main Arena
01/30/2018 black rawlings (tee ball bat) found in PEC near 108
02/03/2018 black and red fanny pack with misc. items inside