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New Student Orientation FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

New Student Orientation


What is New Student Orientation?
New Student Orientation prepares new and transfer students for the upcoming school year. During orientation, you will have an opportunity to meet other new students in a welcoming environment, register for your first semester of classes, and learn about resources available to you at Coppin State University.

Is New Student Orientation Mandatory?
Yes, New Student Orientation is mandatory for all first year and transfer students. Register online at

Do I stay on campus during New Student Orientation?
No, you do not stay on campus during your selected Orientation date.

Can parents or family members attend Orientation?
Yes, parents and or family members can attend. Parents and family members will be able to share experiences with similar families, receive answers to questions the student may not know to ask, and form a connection to CSU.

Can my children attend the Orientation?
Orientation is designed for college students and their adult family members. Therefore, children are not encouraged to attend.

Must my tuition and fees be paid before I can attend the Orientation session?
Once you have been accepted to the university, you may participate in Orientation before your fees have been paid. Payment of tuition and fees will not be required until after you have actually registered for classes.

How much will Orientation cost me?
Orientation will cost you nothing outside of your travel expenses.

Will I meet with my advisor during my specified Orientation session?
Although you will have the opportunity to meet with several different staff and faculty members, there is no guarantee you will meet with your specific advisor during your Orientation day. If you have any other questions concerning Orientation, please email