CSU College of Business to Kick Off the Spring Semester with New Focus on Student Career Workforce Preparation | Coppin State University

CSU College of Business to Kick Off the Spring Semester with New Focus on Student Career Workforce Preparation

Published Thursday, December 10th, 2020

The College of Business will launch a new educational strategy shifting from a sole focus on business academic preparation to ongoing career planning and lifelong learning in the business profession.

Uniquely designed to strengthen post-graduation employability for students while at Coppin and assure career aspirations for graduates, the program embeds early planning, practical experience, and soft skill development strategies directly into the curriculum.

“This is exciting because students will receive intentional career development from freshman to senior year throughout their chosen field of study,” said Dr. Sadie Gregory, CSU COB dean. “Each year as they matriculate through their academic program, students will receive deeper insights into employer needs for specific jobs and how to competitively position themselves for those jobs.” 

The college will use Occupational Insight, a platform developed by Anthology (previously Campus Management) in collaboration with CSU’s IT Division and the COB, to empower students early in their undergraduate careers, building confidence in their ability to place in professional positions upon graduation.

In January 2021 the COB will continue rolling out courses that will help students explore careers, develop skills required, identify additional courses needed, determine expected job demands, salaries and projected job openings in geographic locations that students desire to live.  

“In addition, this change will provide new opportunities for students to receive appropriate advising on how to match their interest and skills with employment options earlier in their college journey and career,” Gregory said. 

Students are expected to formulate a personal workforce readiness plan for entry in the most in-demand careers in their community or city through the careful selection of courses, internships, and professional development opportunities geared to make them more competitive in the job marketplace while engaged in their undergraduate experience.  

The College initiated a pilot program this current semester and is gathering feedback to make adjustments for the official kick-off next semester.