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Coppin Students Get Noticed

The Coppin Room members Published Tuesday, February 18th, 2020

The Coppin Room student org recently went viral with a tribute to alums in a recent Instagram post.

The group got its start when Olaoluwa Ojo and his two friends, Airy Tilghman ‘18 and Rigel Moore ’17 were talking about how Coppin needed to increase its visibility and use the digital landscape to tell its story. They decided to take the initiative to do something. Their mission, he said, is to let people know about the good things going on at Coppin. “We hear some negative things regarding Coppin that we just wanted to be that platform to spread positivity and to inform. We wanted to change the narrative; keep students aware of current and future events going on around the campus; and to be a safe harbor for interaction,” said Ojo. He and his colleagues created The Coppin Room, (TRC) an organization that uses Instagram to promote all things Coppin.

The Coppin Room is certainly a unique student group. In person, they’re a group of ambitious, multitalented students who each embody the motto #CoppinProud. Even Alumna Airy Tilghman contributes on a daily basis. The team creates feel-good events with high student involvement and of course, do their fair share of community service,” says Andrew Brezinski, staff advisor to The Coppin Room. “Through Instagram, the team tells the Coppin story from the student perspective. They share good news, promote campus activities, and highlight student achievement. Oh, and if you lost your earbuds or need help with math, someone will post it @thecoppinroom.”

Some of those activities included a TCR Week with different activities every day.  ”We had a coffee and apple cider day, movie night, and my favorite activity from that week, the Silent Library, an activity based on an old MTV show.” Twenty students divided into teams to vie for a grand prize. The goal was for them to be silent while performing outrageous tasks. Tik Tok sponsored the event and provided a variety of juices for the winners. “We also hosted a basketball charity game to end the semester.”

Posts are chosen based on the demand and frequency of tags and topics related to Coppin. “We search for things that are related to Coppin in which we feel like the students need to know,” said Ojo. Does it work? The Coppin Room has over 2,700 followers that range from current students to alums to high schoolers looking to get into college. Even students form other universities follow and people from the greater Baltimore community follow TCR. “Most people love what we post.” Ojo acknowledged. “Every now and then we get comments that are not so favorable. After all, it is social media. We know we can’t make everybody happy. We just try to cater to the positive and work on any negative feedback we get.”

Most recently The Coppin Room had a post go viral. The group began recreating photos from Coppin’s archive in a series called #CoppinFlashForward. The first one was a hit. The image has garnered over 190,000 likes with over 2,700 comments. “This put Coppin, and us on the map for sure!” says Ojo. “We set out this semester with a goal to do just that and it happened. But trust me, we have only just begun” Check out the viral post here.  

Viral photo

The Coppin Room students remade a photo from the 1970's archives that went viral.

Members of The Coppin Room include: Jasmine Fleming (President) ’20; Christina Stigler-Brisco (Vice President) ‘21; Zikira Leach (Senator) ‘21; Jamal Smith (Secretary) ‘22; Byron Commander (King) ‘20; Courtnei Wright (Queen) ‘22; Rodnay Anderson ‘22; Brianna Lang ‘22; Donika Cole ‘20; Tamara Lindsey ‘22; Starr Farrell ‘22; Dasia Cromwell ‘22; Ebone Prescott ’20; Dontejah Gillis ‘21; Olaoluwa Ojo (Founder) ’20 and Airy Tilghman '18, (Founder).

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