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Thompson Hospitality Back on Coppin's Campus

Published Tuesday, August 27th, 2019

Coppin State University has re-established a partnership with Thompson Hospitality to provide dining services.

When Coppin State University set out to partner with a dining program, they wanted a company that would react to the changing lifestyles, health habits and food preferences of their students. It was also important to improve the delivery and execution of catering services, as well as, invest and upgrade the appearance of the facilities. Thompson Hospitality’s dining philosophy - to offer diverse culinary experiences to today’s students, as well as, tomorrow’s - is what lead to the award of the contract to Thompson Hospitality.

On August 1, 2019, Thompson Hospitality at Coppin State University began the transition to Coppin Dining Services.  

Some key features include:

  • Resident dining will foster a sense of community, utilizing food to embrace diversity and educate students about the benefits of a well-balanced and nutritious diet.
  • Retail locations will also provide offerings to the campus community as we install a diner in the Tawes Center, Refresh Einstein Bagels and the Talon Café.
  • Catering operations will build trust by learning and understanding guests’ expectations and successfully executing events, developing seasonal menus to bring the latest trends on campus and offer a multi-tiered catering approach to campus catering.

“The primary reasons for seeking to enter into this truly transformative agreement are the substantial financial incentives and capital investments that the vendor will make in our University,” said Reginal Love, Director of Business Services: Procurement & Business Services, “Funding from an outside vendor makes it possible to expand and upgrade dining facilities while maintaining the high quality food offerings and services that have been our standard here.

“This process will allow us to continue to focus even more directly on our primary mission of academics and educating students, while turning over food services to an organization that provides high quality services at many colleges and universities and local school districts across the country. This is where they excel.”

Also included in Thompson Hospitality’s plan are significant initiatives regarding the participation of the campus community in terms of providing suggestions and ideas about food options and services, greater involvement with the surrounding community, commitments to sustainable practices and local sourcing of food.


About Thompson Hospitality

Thompson Hospitality is the largest minority-owned food service, and one of the largest retail food and facilities management companies, in the country.  We are a family-run organization, built on values gained from more than 25 years of client, customer and community relationships.