Percy Julian Science Center Renovation

Published Monday, January 07th, 2019

Major Functions

Major Functions
The expansion and renovation of TSB for the disciplines and programs in the School of
Business and as a home for the School of Graduate Studies should accomplish several
objectives, as it contributes to the academic life of the campus. It should:
 provide state-of-the-art, technologically based classrooms and learning environments;
 build an academic identity for Coppin’s commitment to the academic disciplines and
professional practice associated with the School of Business;
 extend the University’s covenant to the community through expanded opportunities to serve
the business and economic development needs of the area and the individuals residing in
central Baltimore;
 reflect identifiable rationales for occupant and use relationships; and
 support and enhance the quality of academic life for students, faculty, and staff.
Through the expansion and renovation of Julian, Coppin will be better positioned to execute the
mandates of its mission, meet the emerging educational and career opportunities in these
disciplines, and address many of the critical facility deficiencies in its academic environment.
Students will have access to specialized learning environments crucial for their
academic and professional careers. A renovated Julian will bring to Coppin’s students
learning opportunities in the occupant disciplines that will allow them to be very competitive in
the marketplace with their Coppin degree. The clinical facilities of the building will create a living
laboratory where students can learn from service delivery in action, both through observation
and participation as interns.
Students will benefit from instruction in classroom environments that can support
advancing instructional technologies. The renovation will continue to add much needed,
technologically equipped classrooms to the overall campus inventory, including specialized case
classrooms which are standard in business and management instructional delivery, relieve
demands for classrooms, and provide accommodation for future enrollment growth.
Faculty and students will enjoy and be motivated by the creative synergy fostered by
proximity, rational spatial relationships, and appropriate teaching, research, and learning
facilities. Expanding and renovating TSB building and locating the academic, clinical, and
administrative units associated with accounting, management, marketing, management
information systems, and entertainment management will bring programs, functions, faculty, and
staff together in a single facility will cultivate a productive environment for all. Further, the
provision of appropriately designed and equipped learning environments will facilitate effective
teaching and learning.
Members of the central Baltimore City community will benefit from expanded access to
quality business and personal financial services. This facility and the business
development and financial clinics provided make a strong, tangible, and operational statement
about Coppin’s relationship to its neighborhoods, comprised of businesses and families, and its
mission of service.

Students, faculty, and staff are supported in the quality of their academic life by having
facilities available that bring them together. The programmed study and lounge space
support qualitative academic interchange and extend learning experiences for all the
Throughout this program, the building is to incorporate state-of-the-art educational technology
and provide sufficient construction flexibility that as technology changes, the building itself will
not constrain advancements.