Fall 2018 Tuition and Fee Payments

Published Wednesday, June 06th, 2018

Information for students on Fall 2018 Tuition and Fee Payments.

Dear Student! Welcome to CSU's Fall 2018 semester.

Please see Information below related to Tuition and Fees, Billing & Payments for the semester:

The Bursar/Student Accounts Office would like to highlight a few key policies, procedures and options for you related to your tuition bill. First of all, what is the Bursar/Student Accounts Office? We are the office responsible for generating bills related to student tuition and fee charges as well as payments and financial aid credits. Tuition and fee charges can include tuition, student activity fees, technology fees, room and board fees, special class assessments, etc. Student fees do not include books, off campus room and board charges; on campus parking permit fees, etc.


Please note that CSU provides monthly electronic tuition billing statements (EBills) to all currently enrolled students. BILLS ARE NOT MAILED TO STUDENTS. Students have immediate access to their electronic billing statements (EBill) at the end of each month, after the start of the semester, by logging onto their EagleLINKS account. Additional information regarding how to access your electronic bills can be found on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1ecpHnMvfs.

**Please review your monthly EBill (Electronic Billing Statement) for your semester’s tuition & fee charges. Also, for the most current account information, please log into your EagleLINKS account to review your "Detailed Account Summary". If your charges are not available at least one week prior to the "pay by date", please contact our office immediately at (410) 951-3677.

If your room and board charges are not posted for the semester, please contact Resident Life at (410) 951-6300.

Payment, for fall 2018 tuition and fees charges, is due Friday, August 10th. Please pay by this date or establish a payment plan to secure your spring registration. Failure to pay your bill in full, provide proof to our office of either pending financial aid or an established payment plan by the above “pay by date” MAY result in the cancellation of your classes.

Fall late registration begins Monday, August 20, 2018. A $50.00 late registration fee will be assessed for all first time enrollees as of this date.


Payment Plan

Coppin State University offers students the option to establish a financial payment arrangement to pay their tuition cost at a later date. The payment terms and due date are arranged per consultation with the Bursar/Student Accounts Office. This agreement is subjected to a non-refundable fee. For questions regarding this financial arrangement, please contact the Bursar/Student Accounts Office at (410) 951-3677 for additional assistance.

Financial Aid

If you have completed the federal financial aid process, please contact the Office of Financial Aid immediately on the First Floor of the Miles Connor Administration Bldg. if;

  • Your anticipated aid does not appear on your account

The Bursar/Student Accounts Office will automatically secure your Spring 2018 registration, upon the following:

  • If your account balance reflects a credit or zero balance; or
  • If the anticipated financial aid is present on your bill and the amount offered exceeds your total tuition and fees cost.

Tuition Payment Policy

Tuition and fees for all students, including those whose tuition has been deferred, become an obligation in accordance with the provisions of the University's Drop/Refund Policy. This financial obligation is between the student and the University. All bills/statements are sent to the student via email to their CSU email account. It is the student’s responsibility to forward this bill/statement to a parent or other responsible party. The University reserves the right to cancel classes, assess late settlement and/or late registration fees if the student fails to make payments of any indebtedness to the University when payment is due.

**Please note…to avoid any financial responsibility, please drop/cancel your registration if your intent is not to attend for the semester.

Should you decide not to attend CSU, it is your responsibility to officially withdraw from course(s), by submitting a written request to the Office of Records & Registration or by logging into your EagleLINKS account to drop your enrollment. Please refer to the University's Charge Reduction and Refund Policy. You must complete the drop/withdrawal process by the deadline dates indicated in the following manner. Please refer to the Charge Reduction and Refund Schedule for additional information.

  1. Accessing your On-line self-service account through EagleLINKS;
  2. Submitting the completed and signed drop form in-person to the Office of Records and Registration at Coppin State University; or
  3. Mailing or faxing a typed and signed letter requesting to be dropped to the Office of Records and Registration, Coppin State University, 2500 West North Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21216 or Fax: (410) 951-3701.

All students are ultimately responsible for his/her charges. Failure to properly withdraw may result in being charged for the semester and a grade of "F" being issued.

For additional assistance regarding the fall 2018 billing process, please contact the Bursar/Student Accounts Office.


Coppin State University reserves the right to adjust and make changes when deemed necessary by the institution and the University System of Maryland’s Board of Regents