Coppin Joins Mayor Pugh in Educational Initiative

Published Thursday, August 17th, 2017

Coppin State University joins with Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh to help make a college education more affordable.

Baltimore, MD – Coppin State University (CSU) has joined with Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh to help make a college education more affordable for graduates of Baltimore City Public High Schools. According to CSU President Dr. Maria Thompson, “We are all inspired by Mayor Pugh’s proposal to provide free community college for all Baltimore public high school graduates. We at Coppin are pleased to join her effort by offering any Baltimore City Public High School graduate, who also graduates with an Associate’s Degree from Baltimore City Community College (BCCC), free tuition for two years at Coppin State University to continue their education.”

Mayor Catherine Pugh was excited by the expansion of her idea. “I thank Coppin for responding in such a positive way to the proposal. This unique partnership between the city, BCCC and Coppin State University will ensure that more of our young people have the educational opportunity they need to succeed.”

As with Mayor Pugh’s proposal, Coppin will cover any tuition shortfall that qualifying students have after applying required federal student aid. “I believe we will create a win-win situation for Coppin, for BCCC and for Baltimore City Public School graduates,” Thompson stated.

Coppin, located four blocks from the BCCC campus, has programs in criminal justice, social work, rehabilitation counseling, nursing, education, business, STEM and the liberal arts. “This is great news,” states BCCC President, Dr. Gordon May. “Working with Coppin to provide our Baltimore City students with a continuum of educational opportunities can only enhance the communities around both campuses.”

Both the Mayor’s plan and the coinciding Coppin plan will take effect with the entering class of 2018.