TurnItIn Classic Retired! TurnItIn Feedback Studio for All!

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Published Thursday, July 20th, 2017

Effective August 1, 2017, faculty will no longer have the option to use the TurnItIn classic interface.

In the last academic year, faculty had the option to toggle between Turnitin’s old interface, TurnItIn Classic, and the new TurnItIn Feedback Studio. Effective August 1, 2017, faculty will no longer have the option to use the TurnItIn classic interface. All faculty must use Feedback Studio to view originality reports, grade work and provide feedback.

Faculty are not required to take any action.  The TurnItIn Feedback Studio will be automatically updated in TurnItIn.  




What is Turnitin Feedback Studio? Turnitin Feedback Studio is Turnitin reimagined for the modern classroom. We’ve taken all of the feedback features, including Originality Check, GradeMark, QuickMarks, voice comments, rubrics, etc., and made them easier and more intuitive to use. With Turnitin Feedback Studio, we’re better supporting instructors and students in focusing on feedback that helps drive learning.

What's new in Feedback Studio? Incorporating a more modern, responsive design, Feedback Studio offers a simplified, more intuitive user experience that brings together the grading, feedback, and similarity checking services in one view. We have also incorporated the contextual marking approach of our iPad app to allow educators to click anywhere on the paper and leave a comment, QuickMark Comment, or text comment at any time. Watch a video explaining differences between Turnitin Feedback Studio and the classic version of Turnitin.

What are the technical requirements for Feedback Studio?  Feedback Studio will work on any modern browser. Please note that Feedback Studio supports Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11 and Edge.

How accessible is Feedback Studio?  Our goal as a company is to make our products as accessible as possible based on WCAG 2.0 AA standards. We have made many improvements to support accessible workflows. For example, Feedback Studio now supports keyboard navigation in the interface, and we support WCAG 2.0 accessible colors and contrast ratios. Feedback Studio provides a screen reader accessible Similarity Report.   



If you need additional assistance using TurnItIn Feedback Studio or would like to schedule a training or consultation about using TurnItIn Feedback Studio, contact the Instructional Technology and I.T. Training Department at 410-951-2643 or tlt@coppin.edu.