Dean's List: Fall 2015

Published Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

We encourage excellence in academics and give recognition to undergraduate students whose work is superior. It is a pleasure to recognize all CASE students who have achieved this distinction.

Letter from the Dean

Dear Student,

As I write and announce the names of students recognized for their achievement, I am reminded of Thomas Jacob "Tommy" Hilfiger, the great American designer of our time, who concluded that “The road to success is not easy to navigate, but with hard work, drive and passion, it's possible to achieve the American dream.” A great number of excellent “happenings” are occurring on our campus on a daily basis; both within and outside of the classroom.  As I review the learning of our students, our data supports the fact that it’s happening at superb levels.  In recognition for your hard work, drive and passion for success during the Fall 2015 semester, I am pleased to list your name among those who will appear in the Dean’ List for that semester. Congratulations to you!


James P. Takona, PhD

Fall 2015 Dean’s List

The following students, in academic programs offered by the College of Arts & Sciences and Education (CSU), are to be congratulated and commended for their excellent academic records during the 2015 Fall Semester:

Biology Majors
1.    Akhter, Shahida
2.    Burden, Quinesha
3.    Brown, Destiny
4.    Carter, Briana
5.    Clayton, Nataejah
6.    Deacon, Kristen
7.    Edwards, Alethia
8.    Goede, Carentxa
9.    Iwuji, Obinna
10.    Iwuji, Chima
11.    Madufor, Chisomaga
12.    Silvera, Kesha
13.    Sheppard, Perry
14.    Teasley, Precious
15.    Udofe, Precious

Chemistry Majors
1.    Charles, Anster

Computer Science Majors
1.    Arroyo, Piedad
2.    Amadi, Lawrence   
3.    Doyle, Joshua
4.    Harrel, Antonio   
5.    Levi, Progress
6.    Niba, Edison
7.    Roachford, Shane
8.    Yadav, Anil

Dance Majors
1.    Service, Ashley

Early Childhood Education Majors
1.    Brockington, Shanae
2.    Caple, Candace
3.    Daley, Kiera
4.    Hawkes, Cierra
5.    Simpkins, Jatierra
6.    Slade, Kia
7.    Vazquez, Christopher

Elementary Education Majors
1.    Bess, Valerie
2.    Bethea, Shadiera
3.    Burton, Jasmine
4.    Fortier, Mark
5.    Gray, Takira
6.    Goodwin, Robin
7.    Morgan, Hope
8.    Rogers, Lauren
9.    Sweat, Marche

English (BA) Majors
1.    Alston Deja
2.    Collins-Williams, Jacqueline
3.    Fortson, Kia
4.    Franklin, Finesse
5.    Jackson, Erinmelissa
6.    Ross, Brittany
7.    Scott, Damion

English (BS) Major
1.    Blackwell, Jada

Global Studies Majors
1.    Neal, Mason
2.    Park, Jisu

History Majors
1.    Odwyer, Andrew
2.    Sturgeon, Denali

Mathematics Majors
1.    James, Michael
2.    Lambert, Sherman

Pre-Early Childhood Education
1.    Ashe, Shainna
2.    Lewis, Chante
3.    Williams, Juanita

Pre-Elementary Education
1.    Abramani, Mariatu
2.    Bastic, Markia
3.    Brown, Cayla
4.    Kenner, Tekia
5.    Purdie, Cydni

Special Education Majors
1.    Jeffries, Candace
2.    Travers, Annice

Urban Arts Majors
1.    Brown, Arthur
2.    Formanbey, Sherri
3.    McQueen, Nicole