Tegrity Software Update Required

Published Sunday, November 15th, 2015

Tegrity has moved Coppin's software to the cloud. This move mandates all students and faculty to update their recording software and mobile apps as of Sunday, November 15, 2015.

Tegrity is no longer supporting on campus hosting.  With an aggressive timeline, Tegrity is moving its clients to their cloud-based platform.  Tegrity moved Coppin to the cloud on Sunday, November 15, 2015.  Unfortunately, Coppin was unable to change this date, and we were mandated to follow this timeline to maintain service.      

All Tegrity users (faculty and students) must update their recording software and mobile app.

  • STEP ONE - Update Tegrity software on your personal and Coppin computers/laptops.  Click for instructions.
  • STEP TWO - For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android devices, you must: sign-out of the Tegrity mobile app; obtain a new mobile access code; and sign-in to the app with the new mobile access code. Click for instructions.
No action is needed if you record from a classroom, conference room, or computer lab


Click on the links to open.

Updating the Tegrity software

Updating the mobile app

Sample notice to share with students


(Faculty & Student Help Desk)

Phone: 410-951-3888

E-mail: oithelpdesk@coppin.edu

Office: Grace Jacobs, Room 111


Phone: 410-951-3872

E-mail: oithelpdesk@coppin.edu

Grace Jacobs Location - Room 107

Science & Technology Center Location - Room 122


Phone: 410-951-2643

E-mail: tlt@coppin.edu

Office: Grace Jacobs, Room 106

(Faculty & Students)

Phone: 1-888-882-4605

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When should I update my Tegrity software and mobile app? Update your software and mobile app as soon as possible.  If you attempt to record or use the mobile app without the update, you will receive an error message.

Will there be any changes for how I view recordings?

  • Viewing recordings from a computer: there will no changes. As normal, view recordings by clicking on the Tegrity link from Blackboard.
  • Viewing recordings using the Tegrity mobile app: obtain a new mobile access code from Tegrity, restart the mobile app, and enter the mobile access code.  Click here for instructions.

Will there be any changes for how I record? No.  After the update, you will still record as usual.

Will faculty have access to their old recordings?  Faculty will not see any changes with your recordings.  As normal, you will have access to recordings dating back one academic year.    

Why is Coppin moving Tegrity to the cloud?  McGraw-Hill, Tegrity‚Äôs parent company, is moving away from on-campus hosting.  They are aggressively moving all clients to their cloud-platform.  Moving to the cloud ensures that Coppin receives critical updates, service, and maintenance to our Tegrity software.