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Coppin, UB Collaborate to Focus on STEM Opportunities for Students and Faculty

Coppin UB Collaborative Published Monday, June 08th, 2015

Local colleges partner to create a STEM-rich environment

Coppin, UB Collaborate to Focus on STEM Opportunities for Students and Faculty

Coppin's New Science and Technology Center, Opening This Fall, to Be a Home for Students and Professors; 'Together, We'll Have a Real Impact on Baltimore'

With high-paying careers in science, technology, engineering and math-related degrees accounting for more than 10 percent of all jobs in the United States (as reported in the July 3, 2014 edition of Forbes), the University of Baltimore and Coppin State University will announce a new collaborative partnership on Monday, June 8 to bring together students and faculty from their respective institutions into a "STEM-rich" environment, where opportunities to teach and learn, grow new and established academic programs, and inspire new job paths for graduates will have a significant impact on Baltimore and beyond.

This open-ended agreement, to be signed by UB President Kurt L. Schmoke and Coppin State President Mortimer H. Neufville in a special ceremony in Coppin State University's Talon Center on the second floor at 8:30 a.m. on June 8, will allow both campuses to focus on STEM programs and initiatives, and leverage them in ways that neither institution could do on its own.

"STEM education is vital to the careers of the future," said Neufville. "We are jointly committed to make science education accessible to all students in order to gain the skills needed to compete in a global economy."

"Together, we'll have a real impact on Baltimore," said President Schmoke. "Our faculties recognize that meaningful collaborations among higher education institutions advance the goals of One Baltimore."

Students and their professors from both institutions will benefit from this collaboration, Schmoke and Neufville said.

Specifically, the partnership will:

  • encourage faculty research collaboration in complementary STEM areas through shared faculty expertise and interest, shared lab facilities and equipment, and inter-institutional software licensing;
  • establish the Center for Environmental Science to attract university faculty and students from both universities to maximize use of CSUs new science facility;
  • encourage student research collaboration, including at the capstone level, to teach the value of collaborative research within and across disciplines;
  • provide shuttle service to transport students between the two campuses to increase opportunities for enrollment in science classes.

UB and Coppin already collaborate on a highly successful academic venture: the M.S. degree program in Human Services Administration. It's the only program of its kind on Maryland, delivering graduate courses in grant writing, fundraising, community outreach, and other elements of a range of professions within the realms of government, nonprofits, and community development.

The University of Baltimore is a member of the University System of Maryland and comprises the College of Public Affairs, the Merrick School of Business, the UB School of Law and the Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences.

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