Several Information Technology Division Departments to Relocate Summer 2015

Published Thursday, June 04th, 2015

In spite of the relocation, the Information Technology Division is still committed to providing efficient customer service to the Coppin family.

Several departments within the Information Technology Division will be relocating to different areas of the campus.  The chart below indicates where departments will be relocated.




Client Computing Services (Help Desk)

Grace Jacobs, Room MC-08

Grace Jacobs, Room 111

Information Systems

Miles Connor, Room 336

Science and Technology Building, 4th Floor

Instructional Technology

Grace Jacobs, Rooms 106, 107, and 111

Grace Jacobs, Room 110

I.T. Security

Miles Connor, Room 231

Science and Technology Building, 4th Floor

I.T. Training Lab

Tawes, Lower Level

Science and Technology Building, 3rd Floor

Network Services

Miles Connor, Room 315

Science and Technology Building, 4th Floor

Office of Information Technology

Miles Connor, Room 231

Science and Technology Building, 4th Floor

Student Service Center

Grace Jacobs, Room MC-16

Grace Jacobs, Room 107


Miles Connor, Room 231


Grace Jacobs, Room MC-04

Science and Technology Building, 4th Floor

Web Development

Grace Jacobs, Room 111

Science and Technology Building, 4th Floor

Common Questions

Who will I contact if I need technology assistance?
For any assistance for any ITD function (e.g., software problems, network issues, classroom technologies, contact the IT Help Desk (410-951-3888 or The Help Desk will assign the appropriate department to assist with your needs.

Will email addresses or telephone numbers change?
No. All ITD team members will keep their same telephone number and e-mail address.

Will training still be offered?
Yes. Training and support will be available on both sides of the campus.

How will the campus know about the status of the ITD relocation?
ITD will continue to communicate to the campus via e-mail and website about the status of their relocation. In addition, ITD will host campus-wide brown bag sessions to share information and answer questions about the relocation.

Who can I contact if I have questions regarding the ITD relocation?
You may direct any questions regarding the relocation to .