What CSU students want you to know

Coppin State students participate in efforts to clean up affected areas Published Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

Coppin State students help clean up area damaged by riot

What CSU students want you to know.

Coppin students hail from all around the world.  Whether we are Science, Art, English, or Math majors, we all have one thing in common. We are Coppin Eagles. And Coppin Eagles lead.

The events that occurred during the last 24 hours in Baltimore City left us feeling shocked, amazed, confused and some even empowered.  It is difficult to understand how the events that unfolded helped to memorialize the life of Freddie Gray. While we understand the frustration of not feeling heard or believing that your voice or for that matter, your life matters, there had to have been a better way.

We came to college to find a better way.  A better way to communicate. A better way to elicit change.   We came to find a better way to lead; and not follow.  We came to discover ourselves in our history. 

Today, we put forth all of the faith, knowledge, instruction and love that our professors instill in us and we lead. 

We amassed a group of students and went to the areas affected and started to clean and organize and discuss. We were not alone.  We met people, like us, who are equally invested in moving forward.

That is real leadership. 

In these times of turmoil, confusion and grief, please remain the beacon of light for the community. Remember how to use knowledge to share your story, not your emotions.

Rodrick Johnson

Student Government Association