Center for Nanotechnology Awards

Awards and Recognition
  • Coppin State University Center for Nanotechnology wins the “Fan Favorite” award from the Allegheny Region Cleantech University Prize (CUP) Collegiate Competition

Allengheny competition at Carnegie Melon, Pittsburgh, PA

LEFT PICTURE(L-R) Antione Brooks (Manangement & Marketing), Dr. Ron Williams (Management & Marketing), Nate McClean (Natural Sciences), Dr. Jamal Uddin (Natural Sciences), Obinna Iwuji (Natural Sciences), Adrian Jones (Natural Sciences), Dr. William Ghann (Natural Sciences), Chima Iwuji (Natural Sciences
  • Daily Record’s 2016 Innovator of the Year Awarded  to Dr. Jamal Uddin – October 13, 2016




Innovator award ceremony pic

  • University System of Maryland Board of Regents Faculty Award Presented to Jamal Uddin Coppin State University of for Research/Scholarship/Creative Activity - 2012 – 2013





At Coppin State University, Jamal Uddin is an assistant professor in the Department of Natural Science, where he teaches courses in chemistry, physical science, environment science, and nanotechnology. In 2009, Uddin founded the Coppin Nanotechnology Center. The center in 2010 discovered a simulated highly efficient solar energy source. Uddin received several awards for this innovation and research, including The Daily Record 2011 Innovator of the Year award and 2011 Best Scientist Award from the Bangladesh community in Pennsylvania. Uddin will use his $65,000 Elkins award to support the Coppin State University Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Center, with a focus on designing and simulating photovoltaic cells (photons of light) to convert solar energy into electricity.

  • Daily Record’s 2011 Innovator of the Year Awarded  to Dr. Jamal Uddin – October 13, 2016


  • Dr. Jamal Uddin Awarded  “Best Scientist” by the Bangladeshi community of Pennsylvania, USA in year 2011.




Presentation Award

  • Hawaii pacifichem award 2015 to Dr. Uddin

Dr Uddin receiving award in Hawaii


Energypath 2014 Science Fair Award


Tajbik Sheikh(right), a high school student at the center for nanotechnology receiving the best poster award at the 2014 Energypath Conference. Also in the picture: Dr. Jamal Uddin and Kelly Sander of the Sustainable Energy Fund. Alec Gayrama(left) receiving an award at the science fair