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Esports Certificate

Esports Certificate (coming soon)

The Department of Management and Marketing within the College of Business will offer a new Esports certificate program. The Esports certificate will be offered within the Sport Management degree program.


Course Code Course Title Credits
ESPT 300 Introduction to Esports 3 credits
ESPT 310 Introduction to Esports Coaching 3 credits
ESPT 350 Esports Branding & Marketing 3 credits
ESPT 410 Esports Communications 3 credits
ESPT 420 Esports Operations 3 credits

Course Descriptions

Introduction to Esports (ESPT 300)
This course teaches the history of Esports from the vantage point(s) of developers, athletes, fans, sponsors and media. You will examine relationships in the Esports communities and understand how their different roles affect each other. You will explore Esports from behind the scenes and learn what it means to be involved in Esports. of an organization and how it builds a brand.

Introduction to Esports Coaching (ESPT 310)
This course is designed to provide that systematic process of incorporating practical esports coaching experience with formal educational coaching course materials.

Esports Branding & Marketing (ESPT 350)
This course explores the unique marketing and branding opportunities through the esports community, organizations and teams. This course will give you practical details of the esports universe and how to market engage that audience.

Esports Communications (ESPT 410)
In this class, you will learn how to present effectively to decision makers in esports. In this hands-on course you will practice with all major type’s communications: emails, written proposals, and presentations. You will learn how to apply effective communication strategies and presentation tactics to specific esports scenarios.

Esports Operations (ESPT 420)
This course will teach you esports operations and project management, Learn the essential components of building, managing, opening and closing of esports related events and projects.