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Additional Program Information

Additional Program Information

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers a major and a minor in both Mathematics and Computer Science.

Within the Mathematics major the student may choose a concentration in Mathematics Secondary Education. The Mathematics major is intended to prepare students for any of the following:

  • the study of mathematics on the graduate level
  • employment in business, government, or industry
  • teaching mathematics at the secondary level
  • study in subject areas requiring a strong mathematics background, such as chemistry, economics, engineering, operations research, and actuarial science.

The Computer Science major is intended to provide students with the knowledge, aptitudes, and skills required for successful employment in computer-related fields and for the study of computer science on the graduate level.

General Education Requirement in Mathematics

The General Education Requirements of the University include three semester credit hours in mathematics, excluding credits earned for courses with the DVMT code. Each entering student is required to take a mathematics placement exam. The student's achievement level on this exam and high school mathematics record are used to place the student in DVMT 108, DVMT 109, or a course to satisfy the General Education Requirement.

Usually this is one of the following courses, depending on the student's major:

MATH 103 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I
MATH 110 College Algebra
MATH 125 Mathematics for Liberal Arts
MATH 131 College Algebra for Mathematics and Science Majors
MATH 203 Basic Statistics

The student should consult his/her academic advisor to determine which course to take to satisfy the General Education Requirement in mathematics. The following table summarizes these departmental requirements:


Mathematics General Education Requirement by Major/Department
Department Requirement
 Applied Psychology  MATH 125
 Criminal Justice  MATH 125 or MATH 203
 Education  MATH 103
 History  MATH 125
 Humanities and Media  MATH 125
 Liberal Arts  MATH 125 or MATH 203 (or any other MATH course)
 Management Science  MATH 131
 Math/Computer Science  MATH 131
 Natural Science  MATH 131
 Nursing  MATH 110
 Social Sciences  MATH 125
 Social Work  MATH 203
 Sports Management  MATH 125 (except MATH 110 for Sports Medicine concentration)
 Urban Arts Production  MATH 125 or MATH 203 or MATH 203



Course Prerequisites

For courses in mathematics and computer science, prerequisites are specified. It is department policy that these prerequisites must be completed with a grade of C or better.

Assessment of Majors

The extent to which students majoring in both Mathematics (Liberal Arts) and Computer Science have met the goals of the program will be measured before each student graduates.

Each student will be required to take a capstone course (MATH 417 or COSC 417 ) in the senior year. The course is intended to cover current and advanced topics in Mathematics (or Computer Science). It will draw together all of the material the students have encountered in their earlier training. The assessment will involve either a project undertaken by a student or group of students and/or a test developed by members of the Mathematics and Computer Science department to measure knowledge of topics taught in the major-requirement courses. Both the project and the test may involve computers.