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Faculty can use TurnItIn within Blackboard to grade students' papers online, as well as easily check for unoriginal work (plagiarism).

TurnItIn Features

  • Encourages academic integrity in student writing by curtailing plagiarism.
  • Supports the “going green” movement by eliminating the need for students to print papers.
  • Allows faculty to record oral comments on student work.
  • Permits a quick turn-around of student work with the Grade Mark function.
  • Eliminates the need to have students email assignments to faculty. All students receive a digital receipt when they submit work via TurnItIn.

How Can I Use TurnItIn?

  1. Use TurnItIn to support students in developing their academic writing skills-Students can submit draft papers for checking before submitting a final written assignment.
  2. The PeerMark assignment option in TurnItIn allows students to review their peers' papers based on scale and free response questions pre-selected by the instructor.

TurnItIn Tipsheets

TurnItIn Tipsheets

System Requirements

Visit the Turnitin website for system requirements.


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