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Turning Technologies
Turning Technologies

Turning Technologies is a leading clicker software that allows instructors create interactive presentations that can enhance effective instruction, increase retention, engage participants, and immediately assess understanding. With TurningPoint, data collection and assessment tool with an interactive audience response feature that collects real-time responses from participants.

Turning Technologies Features

  • Over 8 Assessment Question types
  • Game-Based Learning with Team Boards
  • Modify lectures with on-the-fly TurningPoint anywhere questions


  • Elicit student participation and engagement to prompt deeper thinking about a particular question or problem.
  • Monitor students' understanding of course content in real time, in order to identify and address areas of confusion and adjust the pace of the course appropriately.
  • Provide students with instant feedback on their comprehension to help them monitor their own understanding.
  • Spark discussion among students as they compare, justify, and (perhaps) modify their answers.
  • Efficiently deliver and grade in-class quizzes, to hold students accountable for readings and lecture material and assess basic factual knowledge.

How can I use TurningPoint Clickers?

  1. Pre-Assessment: Using TurningPoint to assess student's prior knowledge as well as any misconceptions they might have.
  2. Mid-Topic Assessment: Assess student's current understanding of principles, how they might apply concepts and how their current thinking might be changing.
  3. Post-Assessment: By using TurningPoint as a post-assessment tool, you will be able to judge the student's ability to synthesize concepts in order to solve problems, to see how their understanding might have changed and to observe their overall comprehension of the subject.
  4. Formative Assessment: Monitor student learning so that improves in teaching can be made as well as to continue to engage learners in content throughout the semester.
  5. Summative Assessment: Use clickers to assess student learning over the course of a unit or semester. TurningTechnologies can be used for midterms and final exams with easy grading and data collection.

What's New in TurningPoint?

The latest version of TurningPoint consolidates the all of the TurningPoint software solutions into one, simple interface for polling in PowerPoint, polling in any application and self-paced polling.  The New TurningPoint now encompasses functionality found in legacy applications TurningPoint, TurningPoint AnyWhere, TurningKey and ResultsManager.

Turning Technologies Tipsheets

Turning Technologies Tipsheets

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