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For more than 80 years, NBC News has been documenting the people, places, and events that shape our world. NBC Learn, the educational arm of NBC News, is dedicated to making these historic stories, images and primary source documents available on-demand to teachers and students. NBC Learn has already digitized more than 12,000 stories from the NBC News archives — one of the largest news archives in the world, dating back to the 1920s. In addition, collections are updated with current events every day, Monday through Friday, with stories from such celebrated programs as NBC Nightly News, the TODAY show, Meet the Press, Dateline NBC, as well as the networks of MSNBC, CNBC, and Telemundo.

Original videos and archival news stories are generally short — less than six minutes in length — enabling instructors to engage and enlighten their students without wasting precious class time. You can access NBC Learn using the following link: http://highered.nbclearn.com/portal/site/HigherEd.

NBC Learn Features

  • Create a playlist of videos in Blackboard.
  • Current event videos uploaded daily.
  • Resources for science, art, history, careers, business, technology, and more.
  • Full transcripts, bibliographic citations and closed captioning available.

How Can I Use NBC Learn?

  1. Use NBC Learn videos as a conversation, discussion or debate starter
  2. Assign selected videos as homework
  3. Use the NBC Learn playlist feature to collect content for projects or assignments
  4. Use NBC Learn resources to advance critical thinking skills:
    1. Assessing suppositions and assumptions in selected science news stories
    2. Assessing basis of assertions made in History news stories
    3. Assessing perceptions of bias, perspective and influence in selected current event news stories

NBC Learn Tipsheets

NBC Learn Tipsheets

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System Requirements

Visit the NBC Learn website for system and software requirements.


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