Components of SASA

Components of SASA

Academic Transformation

Students will be enrolled in several academic courses to earn up to 10 credits toward graduation at Coppin State University. Students will also be given the opportunity to improve their proficiency in math by participating in EdReady. This is a tool designed to measure and improve math skills.

Intrusive Advising

Students who successfully complete the program will meet with advisors to select fall courses. Throughout the program, students will meet with advisors to gain a thorough understanding of the student check sheet. This will enable a student to know where they are on the graduation trajectory every step of the way.

Academic Resources

During the length of the program, students will be connected to various academic resource centers on campus which include the Math Lab, and the Reading and Writing Lab. Students will also have academic peer leaders who will serve as tutors and peer mentors.


Students will dive deep in discovering their interest, career goals, and motivation for success. Students and instructors will undergo a mutually beneficial journey that will connect life-long learning to accomplishing dreams and aspirations.