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Cross Registrations

Cross Registrations

The collaborative is cooperative arrangement between two of the leading educational institutions in Baltimore, designed to better serve the common needs of the metropolitan community. The Collaborative gives graduate students the opportunity to broaden their education beyond one campus and study in diverse academic environments.

Registration Process

  • Pick up a Collaborative Registration Form from your academic advisor or the Registrar's Office at your home institution.
  • Completed forms that must include the signature of your academic advisor.
  • Return the form to the Registrar's Office at your home institution.

(UB Courses SHOULD NOT be included on the standard Coppin Registration Form, but MUST be submitted on the Collaborative Registration Form.)

NOTE: During Walk-in and Late Registration, you must hand carry this form to the Registrar’s Office at the other institution.

Withdrawal Process

You must officially withdraw in writing from both institutions in order to assure that your permanent transcript is correct.


For Coppin State University, contact Dr. John Hudgins at (410) 951-3528. For UB, contact Dr. Pearson at (410) 837-5315.

Coppin-UB Collaborative Registration Policy

The Coppin-UB Collaborative provides the opportunity for Coppin students to pursue courses for credit at the University of Baltimore, with approval of their academic advisor and the registrar. Student participation is on a voluntary basis; however, course work should be used to argument the program of study being pursued at Coppin State University.


Collaborative Registration is open to all graduate students who are in good academic standing at their home institutions. This program is available throughout any semester in which courses are available at both institutions. Approval does not insure availability of a place in the course at UB. Students must follow the Collaborative registration procedures outlined on this page and abide by registration deadlines applicable at UB.


All tuition and fees incurred by students shall be paid to Coppin in accordance with that institution's policies. No additional registration fees will be charged. However, fees associated with special courses may be assessed.

Registration Guidelines

Ordinarily students may attempt in a given semester only the number of credits in combined registration equal to the maximum number permitted students at Coppin. Any student enrolled in more that four (4) credits at UB must be enrolled in an equivalent or greater number of credits at Coppin. All credits and grades earned in UB courses taken through the Collaborative shall be defined as resident credit and entered on the academic record of the student at Coppin. Both grades and credits earned within this program shall be included in the calculation of the grade point average.