2017 Fourth Quarter

Employee of the Quarter Award Winner

Congratulations to Mr. Mark Ghee …. Coppin’s Employee of the Quarter (EOQ) for October - December 2017. Mr. Ghee was recognized by colleagues for the humility he demonstrates in his service to the University. Patient, diplomatic, admirable and proficient are the sentiments colleagues expressed about Mr. Ghee. It was said that Mr. Ghee is so dedicated that he postpones vacations and works holidays to ensure systems are ready to go for the following year. As Technology Manager for Records and Registration, his technical skills have contributed to operational efficiency that directly impacts student services. Sincerest thanks to Mr. Ghee for his service and commitment. His achievements are a great example for all employees.

Mr. Mark Ghee receiving the Employee of the Quarter award from Dr. Maria Thompson

As EOQ, Mr. Ghee received a commemorative award, a $25.00 One Card deposit, and a congratulatory letter from President Thompson. Mr. Ghee is also eligible for the Employee of the Year Award, which will be presented during the Annual Employee Service Awards Ceremony.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the program this year.

Nominations are currently being accepted for the next Employee of the Quarter Award that will be presented . To nominate an employee or for more information about the EOQ program, please click here.