Department of Humanities

We are the vibrant, beating heart of our 21st century university.

Our first-rate degree programs cultivate students’ passions and launch them on rewarding careers in this fast-paced global economy. Our dynamic professors energize their classrooms, stimulate learning, and mentor our students.

We make our campus a lively place with debates, student forums, speakers, dance performances, theatre, and art exhibitions. We reach out beyond campus so that our students engage with the community and the wider-world thru internships that provide meaningful “hands on” experience, thru visits to museums, theatres, and historic sites, thru meetings with policy-makers and professionals and thru fieldwork and study abroad.

Students, you will find a welcome and supportive home in our department. You won’t feel lost or feel “treated like a number” here. Humanities faculty care deeply about students’ well-being and success. You’ll find friends in our student clubs and societies.

Please consider joining us. We offer majors in Dance, English, Global Studies, History, Urban Arts and also majors in Education for Secondary School Teachers of English or History /Social Studies. We offer minors in most of these disciplines, as well as, minors in French, Spanish, and Philosophy.

We are looking for students with passion and with foresight. Do you love dance? Does the stage thrill you? Can a book make you weep and yearn to be a writer? Does the past fascinate and excite you? Do you want to be a great teacher? Do you dream of foreign lands? If you are passionate about subjects like these, then one of our majors is right for you.

But, along with passion, we are looking for students with foresight. The foresight comes from realizing that globalization in the 21st century economy has disrupted career pathways that were commonplace in the last century. The foresight is the recognition that our majors equip you with the skills, the knowledge and the nimbleness that will be essential for a successful and fulfilling career over the next 40 years.

We share the outlook of a growing number of people in business, academia and government who study global affairs and who predict that a strong liberal arts education with a degree in the Humanities is one of the best investments to secure a rewarding career in the fluid 21st century global economy.

So we invite you to explore these pages to learn more about our degrees, our terrific faculty and our unrivalled opportunities. And please come visit us.

We’re eager to hear about your passion and to talk about your practical interest in a rewarding career.

Best regards,
Douglas Reardon, PhD
Chair, Department of Humanities