Plan of Study

Plan of Study

To guide them in this effort each department has constructed a Plan of Study for students and academic advisors. Students will note that although MISY 150 and Freshman Orientation are both required by the university and are not a part of the GER 40s they are listed on the advisement sheet as a reminder for students to complete these courses in the first year of matriculation.

Students will be held accountable for the approved program offered in the initial year of matriculation, or, for formally electing a new program if program changes are made during the student's period of matriculation

Note: Plan of Study can be obtained in respective departments/schools or from other academic advisors.

Additional Information About the Plan of Study

After successful completion of the 40 General Education Requirements, students will follow the Plan of Study (POS) to enroll in required courses for the major. (Students entering CSU prior to 2011 fall should consult with an advisor about their specific Plan of Study.) In any case, all students will need to meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss specific course selections to meet graduation requirements.

What is a Plan of Study (POS)?

A Plan of Study (POS) serves as a guide between a student and the university. It is a coherent, articulated sequence of courses that leads to the baccalaureate degree. The Plan of Study will be issued in the department where students are majors. New students and transfer students with fewer than 24 credits will receive a Plan of Study thru the office of the Dean, University College.

Who must approve the Plan of Study?

The POS requires the approval of your academic advisor and department chair. Changes in course offerings or programs of study are monitored closely by department chairs and faculty advisors to ensure that students remain actively engaged in course completion for graduation. Students cannot make changes to the Plan of Study without permission from the faculty advisor and department chair.

Does the Plan of Study include transfer credits?

Yes, but only after official transcripts have been submitted to the Office of the Registrar for evaluation and further processing thru appropriate CSU departments.

Are part-time or second degree students required to follow a Plan of Study?

Yes. Part-time and second degree students are required to follow the Plan of Study and should seek appointments with faculty advisors to obtain program and/or university requirements for degree completion.

Are students required to follow each new change in a program of study?

No. However, students must consult with a faculty advisor and/or the department chair to learn the details of a new program of study.

Who will keep the Plan of Study for me?

A copy of your approved POS will be kept on file in your major department as well as the Office of the Dean, University College (freshmen students). Additional information about the GER 40s can be found at