General Education Program

General Education Program

The General Education Requirements (GER) serve as the core of the undergraduate curriculum. The program consists of a sequence of required courses in communications, the arts and humanities, the natural and physical sciences, mathematics, the behavioral and social sciences and health, designed to expose every undergraduate to the broad range of disciplines essential to the development of a liberally educated person. The program helps students to develop the skills necessary for advanced study and for lifelong learning: to obtain some understanding of themselves, of others, and of our social and physical environment; to acquire the ability to think analytically, critically, and creatively and to use the scientific method in problem solving; to develop the capability to integrate their learning with past and present experiences, and to strengthen their potential for contributing to society.

GER Requirements

Effective 2011 fall semester all Undergraduate degree seeking students will be required to complete 40 credit hours of General Education courses in the following Categories:

Category 1
English Composition 101 and English Composition 102
(6 Credits)

Category 2
(15 credits)

Category 3
Social and Behavioral Sciences
(6 credits)

Category 4
(3 credits)

Category 5
Natural Sciences
(7 credits)

Category 6
Interdisciplinary & Emerging Issues
(3 credits)

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