Professional education in Business Administration serves to develop the capabilities of students so that they may assume positions of leadership and responsibility at all levels of management in our society.

The business curriculum is designed to give students both a broad liberal arts background and a strong professional education. Within the Bachelor of Science in Management Science program, students can major in marketing, information systems, accounting or finance.

The Marketing major is concerned with all aspects of anticipating and controlling demand through conception, promotion, exchange and distribution of goods and services. The marketing manager determines how to increase profits by developing new markets and by serving existing markets more effectively.

Although some careers in business demand the expertise developed by graduate education, there are numerous opportunities for those seeking employment after college. Most graduates find positions in private business, although there are jobs for management science graduates in the media, in government, and with nonprofit organizations such as hospitals. Employment opportunities for graduates of this degree program include sales, marketing research, account management, insurance, advertising, merchandising, purchasing, production control and supervision.


Bachelor's Degree/Entry Level:
public relations specialist
sales representative
investment manager
media planner
financial services
marketing assistant
Further Education/Experience Often Required:
marketing director
sales manager
market research analyst
purchasing agent
public relations manager
account executive

(Check the Dictionary of Occupational Titles under section 164 for additional related careers.)


  • Participate in Internships, Field Experience Placements and Day on the Job
  • Public Relations
  • Acquire good computer and statistical skills.
  • Obtain sales experience.
  • Develop excellent communication skills and high energy level.
  • Gain experience through co-op or internship programs.
  • Join relevant student organizations to develop leadership skills.
  • Plan on MBA for most brand management, consulting and research opportunities.


Salaries range greatly from one occupation, position, and work setting to another. According to the Summer 2008 NACE national salary survey for Bachelor's Degree Candidates in Management Science with a track in marketing, the average starting salary is currently $41,506.


  • insurance agencies
  • publishing companies
  • colleges/universities
  • retail/discount sales
  • hospitals
  • banks/financial institutions
  • manufacturing companies
  • business and industry
  • hotel and restaurants
  • healthcare industry
  • radio/television stations
  • advertising agencies
  • pharmaceutical companies
  • consumer product companies


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