Management Science

Business managers formulate the policies and direct the operations of corporations, nonprofit institutions, and government agencies. General managers and top executives hold over three million jobs in the U.S. They are found in every industry, but wholesale and retail trade, and service industries employ over six out of ten.

Employment of general managers and top executives is expected to grow about as fast as average for all occupations through the year 2005 as new companies start up and established companies seek managers who can help them maintain a competitive edge in domestic and world markets.

Since general business managers plan, organize, direct, control, and coordinate the operations of an organization and its major departments or programs, they are found in nearly all work settings. The following list is a representative sample of job titles of former graduates with a business management major. Use this as an idea list, and remember that it represents some, but certainly not all, of the careers you might consider.

Students obtaining employment immediately upon graduation are usually those with the best college records and a willingness to relocate to find a job. Some of these jobs also require education beyond a bachelors' degree.

Related Career Titles for Management Science Majors

  • Account Executive
  • Bank Manager
  • Benefits Manager
  • Branch Manager-Any Industry
  • Budget Officer
  • Commodity - Industry Analyst
  • Communications Officer
  • Compensation Manager
  • Computer Operations Supervisor
  • Construction Supervisor
  • Consultant
  • Credit Analyst
  • Credit and Collections Manager
  • Employment Counselor
  • Entertainment Agent
  • Financial Analyst
  • Foreign-Exchange Trader
  • Restaurant/Food Service Manager
  • Retail Sales Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Securities Trader
  • Service Organization Manager
  • Government Services Administrator
  • Health Services/Hospital Admin.
  • Hotel Manager
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Industrial Relations Director
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Insurance Agent
  • International Business Manager
  • Job Analyst
  • Labor Relations Manager
  • Loan Officer
  • Management Analyst
  • Management Trainee
  • Manufacturing Supervisor
  • Market Information Specialist
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Media Planner
  • Stock Broker
  • Supervisor
  • Telecommunication Marketer
  • Telecommunications System Coordinator
  • Traffic Manager
  • Media Planner
  • Mortgage Loan Officer
  • Occupational Analyst
  • Operations Manager
  • Outside Property Agent
  • Payroll Officer
  • Personnel Manager
  • Personnel Recruiter
  • Promotions Manager
  • Provisioning Manager
  • Public Utilities Manager
  • Purchasing Agent
  • Purser
  • Quality Control Auditor
  • Real Estate Agent/Broker
  • Recreation Manager
  • Reports Analyst
  • Training Manager
  • Transportation Director
  • Travel Agent
  • Trust Administrator
  • Voice/Data Service Operations Manager


  • Leadership
  • Problem solving
  • Sound decision-making
  • Organizing activities
  • Planning activities
  • Team player
  • Directing activities and staff
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Numerical computation
  • Oral & written communication
  • Computer literacy
  • Flexibility
  • Coordinating activities
  • Cross-cultural skills
  • Analyze and interpret data


Salaries range greatly from one occupation, position, and work setting to another. According to the Summer 2008 NACE national salary survey for Bachelor's Degree Candidates in Management Science, the average salary was $51,350.

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