Chemistry deals with the basic laws of the physical world and the investigation of the composition and properties of matter. The application of these laws to specific areas has resulted in many discoveries which make our lives more comfortable, healthy and productive.

Chemistry and biology majors at Coppin State University benefit from all the resources of a leading graduate research program combined with the department's strong and obvious commitment to undergraduate education. The diversity of the course offerings and the opportunities to become involved in faculty research present students with more choices and degree options than they would find at a smaller institution. Every major works with a faculty advisor to select the courses that best fit his or her academic and career objectives.

Approximately 75 percent of chemists are employed in industry. The others work in academic settings and for nonprofit and government agencies concerned mainly with health and agriculture. Over half of all chemists are engaged in research activities, while many combine teaching with research or do administrative or production work. Employment opportunities exist in marketing analysis, inspection and pharmaceutical and industrial sales. The federal government hires chemists at the bachelor's level for materials research and for the development of fuels, medicines, quality control and analytical procedures.


Bachelor's Degree/Entry Level:
laboratory technician
quality control technician
associate chemist
technical sales representative
analytical chemist
clinical technician


Further Education/Experience Often Required:
pharmaceutical researcher
research chemist
chemical safety engineer
clinical chemist

(Check the Dictionary of Occupational Titles under section 022 for additional related careers.)


  • pharmaceutical companies
  • state/federal government
  • colleges/universities
  • chemical companies
  • food companies
  • textile manufacturers
  • newspapers and magazines
  • petroleum refineries
  • mining companies
  • food and drug administration


Salaries range greatly from one occupation, position, and work setting to another. According to the Summer 2008 NACE national salary survey for Bachelor's Degree Candidates in Chemistry, the average salary was $45,106.


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