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Campus Benefits

Foremost is the benefit of ensuring that emergencies and life-threatening situations can be reported immediately and responded to with geographic accuracy—thus preventing injury or death and/or minimizing property damage (as in a fire situation). This also prevents wasting community resources by saving the time spent when first responders have to search for an emergency location.

Secondly, there is a strong public relations advantage because the University can more easily attract students, faculty, and staff as the community becomes aware of the enhanced safety and security now instituted at the University.

Thirdly, the University is now much freer of liability and financial risk related to a human tragedy or property loss that might result from an insufficient or flawed 911 system.

Finally, the University has established itself as a leader in the field of enhanced 911 and has committed to helping acquaint other educational institutions and organizations with the methodology and benefits associated with the new technology. This means that the benefits experienced directly by the University can be extended to other organizations to prevent injury, loss of life, or other tragedies through an E911 solution.

Reemell Hercules, a nursing student at Coppin State, used the E911 system for a medical emergency. “Both the campus police and the ambulance staff knew exactly where to find me, and they arrived very quickly,” she said. “As a person involved in health care, I really appreciate that kind of fast, efficient response. My fellow students and I feel more safe and secure, knowing that the 911 system works so well.”