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EagleLINKS and Campus Solutions 9.0

EagleLINKS and Campus Solutions


The EagleLINKS Portal is a user-friendly gateway to access campus systems from a single web page. The Portal almost eliminates the need for managing multiple User-IDs, Passwords, and URLs for various web sites. The EagleLINKS Portal may be accessed at eaglelinks.coppin.edu

Campus Solutions

Key features of the 9.0 upgrade to EagleLINKS will be the ease of access to teaching schedules and student data with the ability to notify all or a subset of students from a class or grade roster.

Navigation through the system is easy to manage with links and clearly labeled buttons. Symbols and icons identify data displayed for ease of recognition.

Almost all of the work a faculty member or advisor would do in EagleLINKS can be accessed through the Faculty Center. Not only does this page provide a window into all teaching-related activities, but a link provides information to student data. (From this link, an instructor or advisor can see exactly what the student sees in EagleLINKS so is better positioned to fulfill advising responsibilities.)

The Faculty Center allow faculty members or advisors to manage ALL their class, student, and advisee related activities

For Faculty To Access The Faculty Center
  1. Login to EagleLinks
  2. At the EagleLINKS Menu, click Faculty Center
  3. See below for links to Faculty and Advisor Functions Tutorial, Brochure, FAQs Campus Solutions 9.0, etc.

Hands on training is available by contacting the Director of Training, Dr. Dionne Curbeam at 3854.

For Deans, Chairs, and Academic Support Staff to access Class Schedules, Grade Rosters, Grades, and Instructor/Advisee Information.

EagleLINKS Menu Navigation: PeopleSoft -> Campus Solutions -> Curriculum Management