Criteria for Scholars

Criteria for Scholars

  • State of Maryland citizen
  • Officially enrolled as a CSU Freshman or Sophomore
  • Spend two or more years as a Scholar in the Maxie Collier Scholars Program
  • 3.0 minimum GPA preferred
  • Declared major in nursing, pre-med, psychology, or social work
  • Stated commitment to fulfill the undergraduate level requirements of an individualized professional training curriculum plan with a mental health focus
  • Stated commitment to pursue a career in mental health in the State of Maryland Mental Health System
  • Excellent or above average performance rating by instructors in the required mental health seminar- Emerging Issues in Mental Health and Well Being
  • High rating in a required personal interview, and on a required personal statement
  • Three letters of support from recommended sources
  • Official college transcript

Completed applications should be returned to:

Maxie Collier Scholars Program Coordinator
Coppin State University 
2500 W. North Avenue, HHSB Room #523 
Baltimore, MD 21216

Graduation Requirements

The Mental Health Seminar HLTH 105 is a graduation requirement for Maxie Collier Scholars.