Alumni Association

Alumni Association

Dear Coppinites,

I am proud to serve as President of the Coppin State University National Alumni Association. Since the new board was elected in August of 2012, we have been working very hard to plan and implement programs that will enhance the Alumni Association. It is my hope that we can continue to adequately serve your Alumni Association while keeping you enthusiastic and excited about Coppin. We encourage you to be a part of the Alumni Association as well as the campus activities and events.

The Alumni Association is a network that exists to enrich the alumni experience and foster beneficial relationships in the Coppin State community. Your Alumni Association is here to serve you by keeping you in touch with the University, hosting enjoyable events, offering discounts through membership and providing lifelong learning opportunities. The Association provides ways for all distinct groups of alumni; recent grads, seasoned grads and grads from various disciplines, to connect with each other and the University.

Your alumni dues provide a major source of income for the Alumni Association and help us to build capacity in order to raise money to provide scholarships to our students. Your membership offers you discounts on alumni events and a myriad of products and services. Click on the Membership link to learn more.

As your elected officers, this cabinet will strive to increase alumni participation and make sound decisions in order to advance the organization. Establishing new programs, increasing chapter development and listening and providing feedback to our constituents will be a major part of our agenda. We must and we will continue to move forward.

If you are a proud Coppinite and want to see our organization advance, please join us. The Alumni Association meets quarterly on the third Wednesday in January, April, August and November at 6:30 p.m. We invite all Coppinites to attend and we look forward to receiving new ideas.

I look forward to serving you.

Elise H. "Bunny" Collier

Alumni President
Class of 1975