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Emergency Phones

Emergency Phones

Emergency Blue Light Phone InstructionsEmergency Blue Light Phone

When you approach the emergency phone, you will see two buttons; one large red button for emergencies and one small black button for obtaining information. When you press and activate the emergency button, the blue light at the top of the pole will light up and the phone will state your location. After hearing the voice recording, you will be able to talk to the dispatcher. Please keep in mind that there is a pause for about 5 seconds before you will hear the dispatcher's voice. After you hear the dispatcher's voice you can exchange dialog and state your emergency. A police officer will be dispatched to your location simultaneously. The dispatcher will remain on the line until a police officer arrives. Upon arrival of the officer(s), the dispatcher will disconnect.

If you are requesting information, then you should press the black button. The black information button will connect you to the dispatcher. The emergency blue light at the top of the pole will not activate. The dispatcher will provide you with the requested information and/or assistance.

The emergency phones are in the process of being upgraded with more features that should become available to the police department in the near future. I will keep you informed of any new upgrades. If you have any questions please feel free to ask any police officer or call x 3900.

Thank you for your time and patience with the upgrades to our campus.