SkillSoft Training

SkillSoft Training

Coppin State University is pleased to announce the availability of business skills development training via the Internet. Available immediately is an on-line comprehensive catalog of more than 3,000 courses. These courses, developed by a market leader in on-line learning - SkillSoft - offer employees a wide variety of training opportunities designed to enhance critical business, professional and IT skills. We believe that this cost effective, just-in-time approach to training will support our commitment to provide employees with opportunities to grow and develop in their careers.

Important: You must be assigned a user ID and password and attend orientation before you can access SkillPort.

The courses available to you have been chosen from a wide range of topics, including…

  •     Administrative Support
  •     Business Law
  •     Communication
  •     Customer Service
  •     E-Business
  •     E-Learning
  •     Finance/Accounting
  •     Human Resources
  •     Industry Foundations
  •     Information Technology
  •     Knowledge Management
  •     Leadership
  •     Management
  •     Marketing
  •     Operations
  •     Personal Development
  •     Project Management
  •     Strategic Planning
  •     Team Building

Benefits of E-Learning

  •     Access training anytime, anyplace
  •     Courses are interactive & engaging
  •     Learn at your own pace
  •     Take courses on the internet, or download them to your PC and work offline
  •     Bookmark your place to return later
  •     Save time over some instructor led training

Tips for Getting the Most from Your E-Learning Experience

  • To Schedule your e-Learning, print the E-Learning contract available on drive K:\Human Resources\Skillsoft   and get approval from your supervisor.
  • Schedule your e-Learning just as you would if you intended to go to a class.
  • To avoid interruptions at your desk, post a "Student In Training" note at your office door or work cubicle.
  • Take Preassessments to pinpoint subject areas to focus on, and skip material you already know.
  • Use the reference materials and job aids that supplement the course.
  • Take the Mastery assessments to ensure you've learned what you need.