Alternative Work Schedule

Alternative Work Schedule


Alternative Work Schedules are being offered to enhance work-life balance for employees as well as to ease the burden of costly commutes. An Alternative Work Schedule (AWS) is a change from a traditional 8-hour work week. The AWS options include Flextime, Compressed work weeks, or Teleworking.

About Alternative Work Schedule

What is an Alternative Work Schedule (AWS) and why is it being offered?

An Alternative Work Schedule (AWS) is a change from a traditional 8-hour work day/40-hour work week, designed to enhance a work-life balance for employees as well as to ease the burden of costly commutes.

What are my AWS options?

The options include Flextime, Compressed work weeks, or teleworking.

What is flextime?

Flextime is an AWS that offers an arrival and departure time, that differs from the standard operating hours of 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Flextime will differ by no more than two (2) hours. For example, a flextime arrangement may be arriving at 10:00 a.m. and departing at 6:30 p.m. with a ½ hour lunch.

What is a compressed work schedule?

A compressed work schedule is an AWS comprised of four 10-hour days per week or 80 hours in a two week period worked over nine days instead of ten.

  • Following the 4/10 schedule, employees work four 10-hour workdays per week either Monday - Thursday or Tuesday-Friday each week [total of 40 hours] earning Friday or Monday off for a three (3) day weekend.
  • Following the 5-4/9 schedule, employees work four 9-hour days and one 8-hour day in week 1, and work four 9-hour days in week 2 with either Monday or Friday off for a bi-weekly total of 80 hours.

What is a teleworking?

Teleworking is an AWS that allows employees to perform their usual job duties away from their primary work place (i.e. at home or in a satellite location). Teleworking is limited to two (2) work days per week/four (4) days per pay period. Other provisions are described in the teleworking policy.

Is an AWS mandatory?

No. Participation in AWS is voluntary and subject to the approval of the Manager or Department Head.

Are all CSU employees eligible to participate in an AWS?

No. All Regular and Contingent II employees are eligible to participate in AWS. Faculty are not eligible.

Employees that have not completed their probationary period, employees that have been subject to disciplinary action during the previous 90 days or employees who did not achieve a “Meets Standards” rating or above on their most recent performance evaluation may not be eligible to work an AWS. Employees who work in departments such as Public Safety, which require 24/7 coverage, are also not eligible to participate in AWS.

How can I get started with an AWS?

Eligible employees must submit a written request to their Manager or Department Head using the AWS request form.

Where can I obtain an AWS request form?

An AWS request form may be found in K:/Forms (Campuswide) or K:/HUMAN RESOURCES/Forms, and it may be downloaded on the “Forms” link on HR’s webpage.

Can I choose my own schedule?

You may request a specific schedule; however, your Manager or Department Head must consider departmental staffing needs and may modify your requested schedule.

Will my wages and benefits change if I am on an AWS?

No. Employee wages and benefits will not change as a result of working an AWS.

Will leave accrual change if I work an AWS?

No, vacation and sick leave accrual will not change. When leave is taken, employees are charged for the hours (i.e. 8 or 10 hours) they were scheduled to work.

What is the maximum number of hours per day that can be worked?

The maximum number of hours that can be worked per day is ten (10) hours.

If I choose a compressed work schedule of four 10-hour days, can I skip my 30 minute lunch and leave at 9.5 hours?

No. All employees must take at least a 30 minute lunch.

If my situation changes and my AWS schedule no longer works for me, can I change back to my regular schedule?

Yes. Employees may request a change in schedule with two (2) weeks advance notice.

Will there be a special code to use for time entry when working an AWS?

No. Special codes will not be used. Non-exempt employees will continue to enter their hours worked. Exempt employees will enter time line by line. Employees should also enter AWS in the comments column of time entry.

Will I still be eligible to work overtime if I work an AWS?

Yes. Non-exempt employees may be asked to work overtime. Exempt employees may also be required to adjust their schedule, as needed, to perform their job.

If I’m scheduled off on a holiday, will I lose the holiday?

No. When a holiday falls on a scheduled day off, the employee will receive another day off during the week.

If I work a 10-hour day, how will I enter my holiday hours?

Holidays will remain at 8 hour days. AWS employees must use their own accrued leave to supplement leave over 8 hours.

Therefore, employees must enter 8 hours as HOL, plus 2 hours of personal or annual leave.

Where can I get answers to other questions that I have?

Please the Office of Human Resources at ext. 3666.