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Working Fund

Working Fund

Working Fund Manager: Tajina Williams

This fund is available for disbursements that may not fit the parameters of the normal accounts payable purchase. It is designed to serve emergencies. The availability of funds is limited therefore; each request is reviewed on a case-by-case basis and may or may not be approved as a working fund transaction. The review is also done to assure that only those purchases that cannot be handled in another manner are processed using monies from the Working Fund.

Please note that lack of adequate planning and waiting until the last moment does not constitute an emergency.

Working fund request form must be submitted at least two working days in advance of the date you need the check. Additional working time is appreciated.

Procedure for requesting a working fund check:

A purchase requisition must be created for the purchase of all goods and services by the designated Requester for a department. The requisition must provide the necessary information pertaining to the goods and services that are to be procured for example; description, quantity, UOM, category, price, shipping information.

The purchase requisition must be submitted to an approver for approval and to be budget checked.

(Please Note: when entering a requisition the vendor's name should be: WORKING FUND)

The approver must check the requisition for the amount, valid chart field information, and budget availability.

Once the approver completes the approval process successfully, the requisition is forwarded to the Procurement Department.

The requisition is then processed by procurement. Once the requisition is processed, a purchase order will be generated. Procurement can provide information regarding the status of the requisition/purchase order number.

Prepare a working fund check request form. Attach it to the purchase order form, etc. No check will be disbursed without sufficient documentation and justification.

All advance recipients are required to either return receipts for approved expenditures or actual cash. If working fund advance is not repaid within 48 hours after the event, future requests for funds will not be honored. If the advance is not repaid, your account will be forwarded to the Maryland State Central Collections Unit and collection fee will be assessed.

The following requests qualify for a Working Fund Advance:

  • Salary Advances for new employees
  • Registration fees for conferences when direct billing or a purchase order can not be used
  • Establishment of petty cash fund
  • Exchange checks
  • Emergencies