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Reduction and Refund Policy

Reduction and Refund Policy

This policy indicates the University's refund schedule for tuition and fees for each semester and is subject to revision without notice. Note that the final date to be eligible for a refund or charge reduction differs from the final date to withdraw to avoid receiving F grades.
Please review the current semester's tuition and fees refund schedule:

Charge Reduction and Refund Policy

Charges are adjusted for students who withdraw from the University and students who withdraw from 11 or fewer credit hours. Neither failure to pay nor placing a stop payment on a check constitutes official withdrawals. Students must complete the appropriate withdrawal forms and have the Office of Record's staff key the forms in, in accordance with the charge reduction schedule listed below.

Students who register for a full-time schedule and who drop courses such that after the beginning of classes they have a part-time schedule, are not entitled to a charge reduction based on credit-hour charge.

It is the student's responsibility to contact an account representative in the Controller's Office to present a copy of the withdrawal/drop form, in a timely manner, and to resolve billing questions.


Dropping & Cancellation of Classes:

The University may cancel classes due to nonpayment for each semester. A student is responsible for payment of tuition & fees charges for the course(s) in which he/she is enrolled,

  • Regardless of whether the student attends the course(s)
  • Regardless of Financial aid, Scholarships and Third party payments. Students are responsible for securing funds for payment of tuition and fees prior to the start of the semester.

Student must complete and sign an official drop form at the Office of Records and Registration before the official start date for classes if they are not planning to attend for the semester to avoid being charged full tuition & mandatory fees.