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Institutional Effectiveness

Institutional Effectiveness

In conjunction with the Office of Planning and Assessment, the Center for Institutional Assessment has responsibilities for coordinating assessment efforts at CSU. CSU Assessment process answers two critical questions:

  1. How is institutional effectiveness assessed at CSU through the use of strategic goals and objectives?
  2. How are assessment data and results used to improve policy formation, budget and fiscal planning, curriculum and student development, and teaching and learning?

It is a centralized university resource designed to inform planning and policy decisions in a wide range of academic and administrative areas. Since academic year 2005-2006, the center has focused its efforts on training and development, survey development, assessment, educational research, and strategic planning. It provides critically important reporting, assessment, benchmarking, planning, and services to support institutional effectiveness while responding to the needs of the university community. An ongoing assessment process consists of data collected in four broad categories: internal program review, external program review, formal and informal testing, and follow-up studies.

CSU Institutional Effectiveness Plan 2017-2018