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Printing Services

Printing Services

Printing Services is the main full-service located at 2523 Gwynns Falls Parkway. We offer professional copying service and limited binding that are at your fingertips. Our high-speed digital copiers are linked to the campus network allowing you to email your files to us without leaving your home or office, and we accommodate your black-and-white or full-color copying needs. These services are offered to the campus and the community. You can pay for these services by using your Eagle declining balance card or credit card.

Products and Services Provided

Mail Services focuses its attention on the primary function of providing mail services to the campus community:

  • Mail Services focuses its attention on the primary function of providing mail services to the campus community:
  • Copying, reduction – 100%-64%
  • Collating and stapling
  • Color Copying
  • Binding (Staple, Rubber Band and Paper Clip)

All duplication will be run back to back unless otherwise requested and approved

Services Not Provided

  • Typing and/or editing
  • Layouts, graphs, maps, photographs
  • Engraving embossing
  • Reproduction of light green, light blue or cherry copies

Preparation of Material Submitted

  • Material must be typed on White Paper
  • All corrections must be clean, clear and neat.
  • Remove staples from materials to be duplicated.
  • Signatures must be in heavy black ink
  • Originals must be submitted numbered and unbound
  • Maximum original size accepted is “11x17” white paper
  • Copies are duplicated in black ink on “81/2 x11” white paper

Submission of Materials

A requisition form must be fully completed for each job requested. Explain any special instruction related to the jobs under “COMMENTS” (Form located on K: drive campus-wide folder)

Request for copies can be emailed to the printing staff. Please call and alert the staff of the request.

Exams and confidential material must be marked as such and picked up in person. No students will be allowed to pick up unless a written note is provided.


All work is completed on a First in First out basis
Exams and confidential materials must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance
Report proposals, etc., of 85 pages of more requiring 160 copies, collated and stapled, must be submitted at least (3) days in advance.
University forms, study guides, syllabi and other materials required for the beginning of the fall semester must be submitted prior to August 1st.

Materials submitted after this date may not be completed by the beginning of the semester